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Hi!  I am finally making some progress in setting up pages on this website.  I know there is probably stuff still  broken (like, why can’t I get rid of those double lines on the home page (sigh…) ) at this stage and I  welcome your feedback and suggestions.  My desire is to create a workshop environment here for aspiring  writers to learn and teach one another and progress together.  If you see something I’ve started and  you would like to see further development or if you have a topic to suggest we explore I would love to hear from you.  Oh, I should tell you about myself:

I am Charley Dunn and the author of TRAPPED, a short reads work that was #1 in Kindle Store’s free books Science Fiction & Fantasy category. I plan many more short works involving the Ark Of The Stars crew and am currently writing ADRIFT.  I  also have three novels in the planning stage: a sci-fi thriller, a world-building fantasy, and a roaring twenties Texas Ranger mystery.  I plan to document the development of these writing projects here ( Writer at Work.

I attended Ft. Smith Junior College where I studied Journalism. I also attended the University Of Texas At Dallas where I studied Psychology. My  work history is varied and includes positions  as a sleep and dream Research Assistant (yes that really is a paying job), a Software Engineer, and a Project Manager.  One summer, I herded cattle (well, mostly I feed cattle from the back of a pickup).  So like I said, I’ve had a varied work history and have packed away some stories to tell.  I am retired from all that now and divide my time between the study of the craft of writing and  doing what I truly love ~ the writing itself.  I hope to hear from you.



ANATOMY OF A NOVEL – A white-board history…

ANATOMY OF A NOVEL – A white-board history of The Conjurer’s Ring by Charley Dunn:

White-boards will be posted on this site’s Writer at Work section as I develop my new novel beginning with the brainstorming sessions and working through the characterization, world-building and plot outlining stages.

I welcome comments from other writers. Question: Do any of you use writer groups for cooperative editing and feedback on your early drafts? If so, what is your opinion of using such groups during the planning stage of a novel? Are any of you writers looking for a writer group to join?

If you are a writer of fiction please feel free to share your insights and experiences gained while developing your own writing and/or comment on what you see here.  Hopefully, we will all learn something new together.

  • see you on the pages – Charley

Writer’s Resources


The past couple of years I’ve studied to understand how writers write, and why readers read.
We live in an amazing time for those of  us who seek knowledge. I found so much information retrievable with only a poke of my stylus or the click of my mouse the sheer volume of it overwhelmed me and often lead me astray.  The questions soon arose in my  mind:  How can I tell  when I am learning a rare jewel of writer wisdom?  How can I tell when I  am wasting my time, only learning an antiquated “formula”?
Time and study showed the way.  I winnowed the jumble of information to only that I found most useful.  Then I created a short list of web materials I believe most useful.  Now, I try to revisit the material referenced in this list every  day.  I don’t know if this material will help an aspiring writer who happens across this page. What I know  is, this material helped me.
See you on the pages — Charley

THE WEB STUFF I FIND VALUABLE TO WRITERS LIST: (Matt Bird – get his book!  Seriously.)

Checking in…

I’m checking in to tell you I am still here and still writing.  Today, I created ADRIFT cover graphic & completed a story outline. Next I wrote chapter 1.  I copied the current story materials plus my research notes to Microsoft OneDrive. Then I created a backup on my flash drive disk.  Now it’s frigid beverage time.  It gets hot here in Texas. –Charley

First blog post

Hi!  I am Charley Dunn and the author of TRAPPED, a “short reads” work that reached #1 in Kindle Store’s free books Science Fiction & Fantasy category. I plan many more short works involving the Ark Of The Stars crew and currently I am busy writing ADRIFT,  a story that continues the adventures of the crew of The Ark Of The Stars.

Many years ago, I  attended Ft. Smith Junior College where I studied Journalism.  I had hopes of becoming a writer but life interrupted that plan.  Later, after the Army, I attended the University Of Texas At Dallas where I studied Psychology and Computer Science.   My work history includes positions  as a Software Engineer and Project Manager.  I am retired now with a home office and I am back on my plan to become a writer.  I hope I write something you like. –Charley